$100 application fee, to be refunded if the person is not accepted by the Program.

Attendance and Tuition Policies, effective Fall 2018

New Directions is a three-year program consisting of nine consecutive weekend conferences.  Most frequently students begin in the fall, but they are welcome to begin instead in the winter or spring.  Annual tuition is now $2,820, and this is the charge for students entering in the fall.  Students starting in the winter will pay $1,880 for the first year, and then the full fee each year.  Students starting in the spring will pay $940 the first year, and then the full fee each year.  In the latter two cases the final year will be prorated. Tuition is due no later than 3 weeks prior to the first conference attended that year.  Students may miss up to two weekends during the course of the three-years and shall be entitled to up to two free make-up weekends in the twelve months following their three years in the program.  No extensions for make-up weekends beyond that are possible.  Partial refunds for the annual tuition for unused weekends will be issued only if a student cancels in writing their participation in the program.  Students may rescind their annual participation in the program and receive a full refund for future weekends within 72 hours of payment.

TRIAL WEEKEND: Applicants may choose to attend a single weekend on a trial basis and then decide whether they want to enroll.  The fee for the trial weekend is $940.  In that case, the trial weekend counts as the first of the nine weekends.Students applying to the program understand and acknowledge that they are agreeing to participate in a program that requires a time and economic commitment on their part to ensure that all participants benefit from the program.

These changes will apply both to our continuing students and to new students.

None of these fees include travel, room, or meals.

If the student chooses to work with a writing consultant, the fee will be mutually arranged.