Each year we use three weekend conferences, scheduled in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, to focus in depth on topic areas chosen for their contemporary interest. The function of the conferences is to look critically at the emerging ideas in these developing areas, thus training the participants to become rigorous psychoanalytic thinkers. At each weekend, we are helped in this project by a faculty of local and national teachers who are expert in the relevant fields. Each conference is aimed at developing the students’ capacities as writers, using group meetings and brief writing assignments. Each weekend includes an interactive writing workshop event, led by an experienced writing instructor, in which the group as a whole collaborates on a writing task. A detailed description of the weekends appears in the following pages.

Weekends run from 9 am Friday morning to 12:30 pm Sunday afternoon, including one evening session. The format includes both large group lectures and discussions and small group meetings, the latter primarily focusing on the participants’ writing. Each weekend offers approximately eighteen hours of continuing education credit.


Prior Weekend Conferences