The Winnicotts


Spring 2016

For over 70 years, the work of Donald Woods Winnicott has been a unique voice in the psychoanalytic world, addressing a wide range of concerns about child development and clinical practice. Winnicott’s effectiveness in speaking to and writing for diverse audiences is unprecedented in psychoanalysis – his radio talks over the BBC to British parents, the dozens of papers presented to caregivers of all stripes, and, of course, his formal analytic writings. But the emergence of Winnicott’s voice was undoubtedly facilitated by his personal and professional collaboration with his wife Clare, beginning with their work with evacuated children during the War. An analysand of Melanie Klein’s, Clare’s leadership in British child welfare, both in university and government, also involved communicating analytic understanding to the world outside psychoanalysis. And Clare’s clarity and pragmatic outlook complimented Donald’s playfulness and creativity. This weekend will explore the Winnicotts’ unique collaboration in creating a dialogue between psychoanalysis, the helping professions and the general public.



LESLEY CALDWELL is a training analyst for the London Child and Adolescent programs, and training and supervising analyst for the IPA China Programme . She is Honorary Professor in the Psychoanalysis Unit at University College London where she teaches and supervises in the Masters and Doctoral programmes and coordinates the Unit’s Interdisciplinary Programme. A trustee of the Winnicott Trust, she is the co-editor of Reading Winnicott and of The Collected Works of Donald Winnicott.

JOEL KANTER, MSW, LCSW-C is recognized as a Distinguished Practitioner by the National Academy of Practice in Social Work. He is on the faculty of the Institute for Clinical Social Work, is a supervisor for the Chinese American Psychoanalytic Association, and is a Consulting Editor of the Clinical Social Work Journal. His publications include Clinical Studies in Case Management and Face to Face with Children: The Life and Work of Clare Winnicott.

ANNE KARPF is a columnist, writer and sociologist. Her books include The War After, The Human Voice and, most recently, How to Age. For this and her Guardian columns and features about ageing she won the award for best independent voice on older people’s issues in the Older People in the Media Awards 2014. She is Reader in Professional Writing and Cultural Inquiry at London Metropolitan University. Her research on Winnicott’s BBC radio broadcasts to parents was presented in a 2014 BBC4 program.

Additional faculty will be announced at a later date.