Since 2002, New Directions has been publishing a journal of participant and faculty writing. The first eleven volumes were done under the editorship of Program graduates and faculty: Kent Jarratt (2002 and 2003) Michael Bieber (2006 and 2007) Kathie Hepler (2008) Jessica Arenella with Kathie Hepler (2009) Jessica Arenella (2011). Mary Carpenter with Nan Heneson and Shelley Rockwell (2012) Liat Katz (2015 and 2016) Diane Swirsky (2017)

The journals should help provide a sense of the Program.

Copies of the Journal are available on the website at http://new-directions-in-writing. com/results/the-new-directions-journal/. A hard copy of the most recent journal is available by contacting