Wednesday, March 15 – Sunday, March 19, 2017

New Directions is pleased to sponsor an End-of-Winter Retreat to be held at the Tabard Inn in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, March 15 – Sunday, March 19, 2017.  This is an optional training opportunity in addition to the regular New Directions weekends.  Tuition is $895 and the deadline for registering is Friday, February 17th.  Maximum attendance is 16.  Individuals who are not already in New Directions must be accepted into the program in order to participate in the retreat!  Application packets must be completed by February 10.  Click here for the New Directions Application Form

Please direct questions to Anne Adelman at adelmanaj@comcast.net.  

We are delighted to offer our 3rd annual end-of-winter New Directions Writing Retreat in mid-March, to usher out the cold weather and welcome the cherry blossoms.  This is a wonderful opportunity to gather together with our writing community for an intensive period of reflecting, generating new writing, revising pieces, and sharing work with one another.

Over the course of the retreat, you will have an opportunity to meet each day one-on-one with writing instructors and analysts, who will read your work carefully and offer in-depth feedback.  In addition, there will be small-group meetings Thursday through Saturday nights, where you will have the chance to review your work.  The rest of the time is yours for intensive writing, revising and working on your own or with your fellow retreat members.  Sunday morning will be an opportunity to write and consult.  The retreat will draw to a close midday Sunday, with a group luncheon to gather together and for those who wish to share their work.

As in other years, we will use The Tabard Inn as a base (www.tabardinn.com 202-785-1739 N St. NW).   The Tabard is within a couple of blocks of Dupont Circle, which is a very lively section of Washington that is known for its restaurants, bookstores, and shops, as well as easy Metro access to other parts of the region.  The Tabard Inn is a wonderful boutique hotel that was built as private residences in the 1800s.  Once we know how many registrants we have, we will reserve a block of rooms for our group.  Another option, if the hotel is filled, is the Topaz Hotel next door.  This is a newly renovated Kimpton hotel, with a more modern flair.

The rooms at the Tabard range in price for $135 for one of eleven rooms with a shared bath to $230 for a room with a private bath and two beds. These base prices go up slightly for rooms with two occupants. If you decide on a room with a shared bath, there are never more than two rooms sharing a single bath so there is seldom a wait. A number of the hotel’s rooms are designed in a way that makes it easy to share the room (and cost) with another participant. All the rooms have small writing desks suitable for a laptop and some papers and the whole hotel is wired for Wi-Fi. However, you should check with the hotel to determine if the wireless is reliable on the floor that your room is on, since they have previously informed us that after the first three floors, it becomes less reliable. (And don’t base this on your room number. The numbering is idiosyncratic to the hotel, so be sure and ask, if that is important to you.) There are also a number of spots within the hotel’s public spaces that would be conducive for writing. A continental breakfast is included and they have an award-winning restaurant on-site. In addition to interesting areas to walk around the hotel, the Tabard Inn provides free fitness passes to the nearby Y.

We would like to hold the evening small group meetings at the hotel in some of the rooms. Most (perhaps all) of the rooms that are in the upper ends of the rate structure have couches and chairs that would seat a small group. If you have one of those rooms and are willing to share it for that purpose, New Directions will reimburse you $50 per night after the retreat.  The number of rooms that we need will be dependent on how many participants we have (with a goal of three-to-four students per group). We will handle your offers to share a room on a first-come, first-served basis.  Participants pay for dinners on their own.

 Here is the schedule:

Wednesday night 7:30 p.m.:  Gather in the Fireplace Room at the Tabard Inn for a welcome and to share a glass of wine.

Thursday- Sunday:  Work on your own each day. The Tabard Inn offers many cozy nooks and crannies for writing space. Local participants not staying at the Inn can work at home, and we will help you find alternate locations for your writing time if you desire.

During the day, you will have a private meeting for about 45 minutes with one of the faculty, who will come to you at either the Tabard Inn or at a location of your choice. So, you’ll have an individual meeting with four different faculty members over the four days. We have invited many of last year’s faculty members to return, including  Michelle Brafman, Tesa Conlin, Deirdre Callanan, Martha Dupecher, Deborah Blessing and Anne Adelman.  The actual size of the faculty will depend on enrollment, but we will have an equal number of analysts and writing instructors on the faculty.

In the evening, we will meet at the Tabard at 5:30 for refreshments before our evening small group meeting, from 6:15-8:15, reviewing your writing for the day. Each group will be lead by an analyst and a writing instructor.  Dinner will be at 8:30.

Sunday: We will meet at Sharon Alperovitz’ gracious home from 12:00-2:30 p.m. for a wrap-up lunch and to share some of our week’s writing with the whole group. Earlier in the day, there will be a chance to do some more work and have your daily individual meeting with faculty.

If you would have difficulty flying out on Sunday, you may choose to stay at your hotel on Sunday night and leave on Monday; alternatively, we could put some of you up in our houses for Sunday night if you are flying out on Monday to save you the cost of one more night in the hotel.

Tuition for the workshop is $895.

Please let Anne Adelman (adelmanaj@comcast.net) know:

1)     Where you will be staying (Tabard Inn, other hotels, home, with a friend)

2)     A phone number where you can be reached while you’re in Washington

3)     If you need suggestions about where to work during the day

4)     If you DO NOT want to be included in the group dinner on Thursday, Friday or Saturday (otherwise we will assume that you do) for reservation “count” purposes.  (Participants pay for dinners on their own.)

5)     If you are willing to let your room at the Inn be used for the evening groups for the $50 reimbursement. (Of course, this is only feasible if you have one of the larger rooms suited for that purpose, as described above)

6)     If you need a place to stay Sunday night.

If you have further questions about this retreat, please don’t hesitate to contact Anne Adelman directly by email at adelmanaj@comcast.net, office phone 301-654-6555 or cell phone 301-802-1546.

This is a special opportunity for the New Directions community to come together in a more relaxed way, spend some great time together, work deeply and productively, get intensive one-on-one feedback and suggestions, along with the encouragement and support of the group workshops and encouragement, and evenings sharing meals, ideas and laughter.

Anne, Martha, Deborah, Tesa, Michelle and Deirdre


A Word about The Tabard Inn:

For those of you who don’t know, The Inn “is the oldest continuing running hotel in Washington DC opening its doors in 1922 by Marie Willoughby Rogers.  The name Tabard Inn was drawn from Chaucer’s Canterbury tales and the place would forever revive itself in the hospitality of an old English Manor.  The Inn’s early years were of social gatherings and afternoon tea, and the additions of the adjacent townhomes of 1741 and 1737 N St in the late 20s and early 30s completed what today is the entire property of the Tabard Inn.  During World War II, the Inn became a boarding house for the Waves, (Navy Women Accepted to Emergency Services). For more information about the Tabard Inn, please visit www.tabardinn.com.