NDJ:1 Kent Jarrett, editor

A Note From the Editor

This is Volume One, Number One of The New Directions’ Journal. It is an informal, in-house forum to present and to try out your work. All work that is submitted is wholly owned by the writers, who can submit their work as is, or revised, to outside journals without any need for permissions. Publishing in this Journal does not constitute prior publication. I take pains to make this clear because a main focus of the Journal is to encourage participants to publish, wherever and whenever they can! Readers are encouraged to give feedback – mark up the pages, write notes, question and challenge –and talk to your fellow writer about his/her submission. In this way the Journal continues to be a workshop.

Of course, the hope is that the Journal will eventually grow in size, scope, and presentation.

I thought that it would be fitting to begin with work from the faculty, to ask them to take the first steps. Richard Waugaman and Susan Willens have graciously submitted their talks from the faculty retreat held last fall.

Each issue of the Journal is going to present selected work from the weekend assignments. I was in the first class at New Directions and way back then it was possible to actually read everybody’s assignments. New Directions has grown and it is harder to read more work outside of one’s discussion group. Bob Winer and I selected assignments from the last weekend on creativity and I thank those who agreed to put their work out here for all in the program to enjoy. There is phenomenal range and talent in the ten selections and because of this they represent, I feel, the spirit of New Directions.

The events of September 11 happened as I began to think about putting this Journal together. There was a lot shared on the Listserv and there was some thought of reprinting these postings; however, they are archived for all to access and so I’ve selected two pieces that were never posted: Bo Winer’s thoughts for Isabelle, whose Bat Mitzvah occurred four days after the terrorist attack; and, a continuation of the two “Reports… ” that I posted on the listserve days after the attack.

I asked Linda Sherby to discuss the process of writing and presenting the various versions of “The Delicate Balancing Act of Once-a-Week Treatment,” and her discussion follows the paper, itself. Bob Winer is represented with his opening comments made at the Foundation’s Mind/Body Conference. Barbara Schiff writes an elegant paper to remind us that our patients’ unconscious can be smart, generative, and, perhaps surprisingly to them, even nonthreatening.

All of these writers have helped the Journal to take its first step into print and I hope you’ll agree with me that it’s a step in the right direction!

— Kent Jarratt —