Notes from the editor –  Jessica Arenella, PhD

Dual Treasures: A Trunk and a Writing Group by Deirdre Callanan

Bad Words by Catherine Ambrose

Bee Up Her Nose by Gail Boldt

Hard Times in the Age of Reason by Danna Halpin

Paths to Dalaja: Neuro-Affective-Musical Moments by Kaja Weeks

A Bitter Pill by Martha Blechar Gibbons

Less Than Nothing by Gail Boldt

Drowning in Words by Mary Davis

The Toilette Conundrum of the 21st Century Consulting Room by Oren Gozlan

Colette’s Chanson de la danseuse: A Psychological Adventure in Reading  by Eve Ann Hershberger

Burning Mouth Syndrome by Deirdre Callanan

Screensaver by Catherine Ambrose

Hand Held by Don Chiappinelli

Fuck: A Love Story by Janet Migdow

Theological Reflections on the UN Commission on the Status of Women by Joy Mills

Waitin by Fern Richie

Imagination and Atonement by Annette Leavy

Rwanda: Ten Years After by Michael Harty

The Tissue Box by Judith Pitlick

It’s How You Relate to Your Amygdala by Andrea Northwood

A Sunday Visit by Karol Kullberg

Falling Down and Rising Up by Billie Pivnick

Sizing Up by Shelly Singer (inadvertently not  in printed copies of NDJ:7)

Graduation Remarks: The Daisies by Danna Halpin

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