Wordless Tea by Liat Katz
Time by SA Howell
Paul and Ichabod  by Carola Chase
Horse-Crazy  by Karen Bellows
Snow-Blindsided  by Joan Turkus
Frank by Michael Harty
In Time We Speak  by Jill Newberger
Time  by Jill Newberger
Limits of Empathy: A Riddle by Anonymous
Winter Light by Andrea Northwood
Unnamed by Elizabeth McKamy
Between Both Sides of Forever  by Andrea Northwood
The Steinway by Devra Adelstein
Henry by Karen Bellows
Wild Orchid Dance by Andrea Northwood
Keds by Annette Leavy
Remember by Carola Chase
That by Deirdre Callanan
Sharks’ Teeth by Jeanne Lemkau
Grief Suspended  by Fern Ritchie
Two Brown Mugs  by Marc A Nemiroff
Analyst’s Notes by Jill Newberger
In the Chair and on the Couch by Jill Newberger
Choosing by Miriam Weiss
The Choristers of Echo by Kaja Weeks
The Lullaby by Martha Blechar Gibbons
Diamonds are not Made from Coal  by Michael Gerard Mason
Bitter Skies by Hemda Arad
My Henry Moore by Marc A Nemiroff
An Interrogation  by Michael Harty
To a Blank Page  by Michael Harty
Lifting the Veil by Patricia Raya
Writing, an Act of Love and Hate by Oren Gozlan
Amalia’s Reverie by Kaja Weeks
The Long and Windy Road  by Anonymous
3 Poems by Ruth Neubauer
The Pile-Up  by Billie Ann Pivnick
Prickly Creatures by Dorothea Crites
Graduation Remarks, May 2010  by Irene Smith Landsman