NDJ:3 Michael Bieber et al

A Note From The Editor

This is Volume 3, Number 1 of the New Directions in Psychoanalytic Writing Journal. We plan to publish twice a year. We only publish work from members and participants in the New Directions Program for writing and critical thinking from a psychoanalytic perspective. Included are completed papers, early pieces or chapters of books, as well as short pieces which demonstrate a particular capacity to say something in a clear and fresh way.

With this volume, the Journal now has an ISSN number, through the Library of Congress, which lists each article with a brief description.

In Sheldon Roth’s article on love between men and women, he discusses four realms of experience in love and their development.

Peter Shaft’s account of treating a disturbed boy gives the reader the experience of being in the room with the clinician.

Mourning Redux, a chapter in a book in progress by Sheila Resnick, describes another facet of a loving but painful relationship with one of her children who had multiple medical problems from birth.

Karen Earle’s short piece describes her use of a dream in her own development.

Linda Sherby discusses disavowal in the transference/countertransference relationship.

Fedwa Malti-Douglas writes a poem on erotic desire.

Elizabeth Bohun writes an account of a family’s response to the death of the father.

Bob Winer, founder of New Directions, discusses film noir.

Kathie Hepler, one of New Directions writing teachers, describes the discipline of writing regularly and productively.

Stephen Whitworth gives us a literary discussion of memory.

From our most recent writing prompt: Miriam Weiss, Lynn Somerstein, March Enders and Dolores McCarthy.

In Writing and Presenting Psychoanalytic Thinking, I present the results of my Committee’s work at the Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute on a proposal to expand the writing program from one to four semesters. We have added free writes and regular small group work – borrowing from the New Directions Program.

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