A Note From The Editor by Michael R. Bieber, PhD
Mourning by  Sheila Resnick, DSW
Touch by Margaret Spier, PhD
Possibility by Betty Kershner, PhD
Communion by Cynthia Ezell Blair, MS
The Perfect Pair by Alitta Kullman, PhD

Submission for Prompt “I Never Told My Mother That…”

Michael Bieber, PhD
Beverly Decker, MSW
Nancy Meyer-Lustman, PhD
Ruth Neubauer, MSW
Lynn Sommerstein, MA
Cynthia Young, PsyD

Participating in a Writing Group by Michael R. Bieber, PhD
My Living Into His Dying by Joy Mills, MDiv
The Risks of Reading by Loretta Polish, PhD
Response to Joan of Arc by Bo Lane Holland`
On Missing My Father by Susan Flynn, PhD
Train to Black Forest by Doris Frydman, MD
Losing Oma by Gay Parnell, Ph.D.
The Private Life of Girls by Betty Ann Kaplan, PhD
Aging Well by Sheila Felberbaum, CSW
The Syncopated March by Hemda Arad, MA

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