NDJ:4 Sheila Felberbaum, CSW


Dry, so dry,
This organ of desire is dry.
A Sahara once so verdant, so juicy,
So slippery, so expansive, so responsive,
Engaged in such clitoral hide and seek and then,

Dry, so dry.
At first a relief, no longer driven by desire.
Calmer, I thought, creative juices directed
Toward loftier pursuits.
However, I am still

Dry, so dry,
What remedies exist?
Vagifem, Testosterone Cream, K-Y Jelly,
Astroglide, and a concoction smelling of pina colada.
But who wants to drink at my aging well?
And yet I am so contemplative, so generative
Replenished, reanimated and rejuvenated,
My full -blown self, psyche and soma anastomose.Come, enjoy, drink deeply,
I am aging well.