NDJ:6 Jessica Arenella, PhD

Editor s Note

This is my first time editing the New Directions Journal and I want to start by thanking all of the faculty and students for their patience as I climb this steep and tortuous learning curve.

I especially want to thank my co-editor Kathie Hepler, M.A., for sharing her experience and expertise so generously. I also must thank our consultant, Deirdre Callanan, Ph.D., for sharing her wisdom with such alacrity concerning the poetry submissions. Paco Martinez-Alvarez has been essential for the transformation of vague plans and ideas into a tangible and functional format, always with good humor, support, and finesse.

I am sure that after I turn off my computer and sleep for a few days that I will want to thank Bob Winer, M.D., for granting me the opportunity to become an editor of the New Directions Journal.

Of course, this journal would not exist without our wonderful writers at New Directions. I have enjoyed the interplay of words and ideas that we have shared in editing these works together.

We have a new feature in this issue that I think will be of particular interest to our newest students. The graduation remarks by several former students have been included as minor literary works describing with loving humor, great pathos, and significant agita, the birth of ones literary self through New Directions.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions regarding this issue of the journal.

Jessica Arenella, August, 2009