Swimming in Space: Strange Conversations in the Therapeutic Dyad

February 6-8, 2026

What happens in the therapeutic dyad when regular reciprocal conversations are not possible, when our patients communicate with us in strange and at times incomprehensible ways? How we find footing while swimming in space and the extraordinary efforts we make to connect with these initially mystifying people is what this weekend will address.

Coordinator: Jessica Arenella, Ph.D. and Ona Lindquist, LCSW


Ona Lindquist, LCSW is a psychoanalyst and senior supervisor in private practice in New York City, specializing in work with creative and performing artists. She has taught and supervised at the Postgraduate Center for Mental Health, The Karen Horney Institute, and The New School for Social Research. Her articles include, What a Blackbird Told Me is Real and Alive; A Barter To Be: A Psychoanalysis in Art and Verse; and One Glorious Noise: How the Voice of Bruce Springsteen Entered my Consulting Room. Before becoming an analyst, she was a conceptual artist. Her project in the 1980’s, Objet Vend’art by Vendona won her wide attention as an artist making and dispensing art for the masses. View her visual memoir of the project at: objetsvendart.com.

Other guest faculty will be added.